Class Descriptions

Pilates Springboard

An invigorating full body workout with springs attached to wall boards incorporating resistance training and stretching/toning.


If you find yourself thinking Pilates is too "light" a workout, think again. This routine will have you torching some serious calories while working up a sweat like never before. Plus, Pilates promotes a strong mind-body connection, perfect if you enjoy yoga but need to change up your core exercises. No better mix then Pilates and RealRyder Cycling to absolutely change your body!!
Bring your own mat!

Circuit Express

Prepare to be taken to the limit by our master trainer
Kerri in an all out high energy athletic training of circuit/strength training mixed in with some high impact cardio drills all in a 45 minute express class

Triple Threat

Amp your sexy by creating sleek definition in your upper body mixed with a little cardio....You'll be proud to show off your arms, back, and shoulders!


Combining HIIT method cardio and strength training workouts, to maximize fat loss and muscle definition. Our classes are designed and instructed by certified professional trainers, and are like personal training in a group setting. The trainers guide you through the most effective workout,for increased metabolism, stamina, muscle definition, fat loss and extended calorie burn for up to 38 hours. No matter your fitness level Drenched is the workout for you.

RealRyder Power Cycle

Join our rockstar cycleologists for a signature full body indoor cycling class. This class features interval training on the bike which incorporates the use of the RealRyder bike and your own body to tone and strengthen your core and upper body to maximize your workout during this 50 minute
fat burning arsenal.


Join our rockstar cycleologists for our signature total body cycling class packed with interval series rhythm riding in combination with weights and core exercises to improve strength, stability and coordination while increasing endurance and sculpting your body. A challenging class for all skill levels.

Full Body Blast

A sports-inspired cardio class that brings out the inner athlete! Each song will have a specific training principle, and the music will drive you to next level! Even though this is an intense class, you absolutely can leave the room feeling successful regardless of your fitness level!

Kettlebell Mix and Match

Combine strength training with Kettlebells, cardio and endurance in this ultimate high intensity interval format work out. It will leave you breathless with intense, incredible results.

RealRyder Sunrise Express

Attention early risers same signature RealRyder class but jammed packed into an express 45 minute start to finish workout. Let our Rockstar Cycleologists jump start your day!

Body Shock

This class strengthens your entire body and challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast! Circuit Training Amped..

Boot Camp

We want to keep you guessing – and challenge you differently in every class! Workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness – strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance! Have fun – work hard!

Teachers Time out

Join our Rockstar Cycleologists as they take you on a schools out 45 minute exciting no holding back (not staying in the corner for this Ryde) assist in burning off the crazy!

Signature Cycle

Join our rockstar cycleologists for this signature full body indoor cycling class. This class features interval training on our Realryder bike which incorporates the use of your own body in a side to side movement to tone and strengthen your core and upper body to maximize your workout during this 50 minute calorie torching class.

Cardio Boxing

A grueling 50 minute workout concentrating on your core, arms and back!

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