Meet The Team

Joe Nolan

Running 8 marathons and working in construction has taken its toll on my hips and joints. Cycle Evolution offered a low impact way to obtain my fitness goals, while providing an outdoor cycling experience in a safe, weather controlled environment.
After participating in over 300 Real Ryder classes, it was suggested that I become Real Ryder certified, and I am so glad I did! I combine my passion for cycling with my love of music to provide a ryde that’s both fun and challenging. Be prepared for a ryde that will move you! See you at the studio.

Brenda Martellaro-Shayew

I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry which includes gymnastics, specialing in small group personal training, individualized personal training instructor, certified coach,P90X and Insanity.




Joanna Siegel

My passion for fitness, health and nutrition has always been a priority. Being a professional private chef for the last 15 years has covered the nutrition aspect. But I wanted to step up my fitness game. When I started indoor cycling it was to change up my usual routine of working out at home with insanity of running. I found a place that was comfortable, non-judgemental, and encouraging. The staff and my fellow cyclers embrace each other and build each other up to make you want to push yourself a little further than you thought you could. I  began to attend classes almost daily and loved every second. My desire to better myself in my newest passion led to me wanting to push myself to another level and be a bigger part of a community that is now like another family. To be able to teach now all that I have learned so far is a significant thing  for me and I’m very excited to go from student to instructor.  

Diane Urso

Cycle Instructor

Kevin Hogan

Cardio Boxing

Kerri Przybylowski

When you walk into my class, you join my team! In my classes, we are all athletes training for life!  I am passionate about fitness as a vehicle to a healthy mind, body and spirit.  I believe that indoor cycling presents a unique challenge that pushes people to test their physical, as well as mental, limits. Everyone has the power inside them to realize all of their goals – you just have to fight for it!  With experience as a coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor, I strongly believe that exercise, healthy eating, and using every moment to the fullest extent will allow you to be the best version of yourself!  

Heather Masa

Group Fitness Instructor

My love of Pilates lead me to obtain my mat Pilates certification. I studied intensely under master Pilates teacher Kim Curran for a year to receive my certification.

I have been certified for over two years and have been teaching ever since. I love being able to bring the benefits to others in a comfortable and fun environment.  

I recently received my Pilates springboard certification and my passion for Pilates just keeps on growing!! 


Adrienne Collein

I am a dedicated rider turned instructor with about 5 years of experience teaching as a RealRyder certified instructor.  I can't believe that I waited so long to try indoor cycling. I originally started indoor cycling to cross train when too much running was taking a toll on my knees. And to my delight at Cycle Evolution I not only found a community (family now) of riders I could relate to, but a whole new approach to a healthy well-rounded lifestyle for both body and mind. I believe in the importance of taking time to do something good for yourself.. RealRyder indoor cycling is something I will never ever do without...Oh and don't expect to sit.. when you come to my cycling class!!   Get the experience of riding a RealRyder and you'll be addicted too!!! 

Amy Elliott

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